I’m just posting this to say I’m sorry folks, I’m having to shut-up shop for a while (you might have noticed the little grey messages at the top of all the pages). Alas, things are still not good on the health front…

After getting my inter-cranial pressures back to normal, after a year of saggy-brain-shinanigens (it’s a long story) in the Summer (and having the ordeal of a big bolt stuck in my skull for a few days – it was the right look for Halloween, just a few months too early), I *should* have been reasonably ‘fixed’ (in a kind of ‘aww isn’t it cute with it’s wonky bits, don’t leave it on the shelf’ <sadface emoji> kind of way).

Unfortunately my body has decided that it’s not done with it’s tom-foolery, and it’s currently going through some sort of rebellion… You know that phrase ‘talk to the hand’, well apparently the brain talks but sometimes the hand chooses not to listen. Most days some part of my body chooses not to work to commend – legs, hands, vocal cords, swallowing, breathing mechanisms… So whilst I reboot the system and try to get all systems ‘live’ again, I’m having to step back from work.

I don’t want to give up on creative life completely – I think it’s important to keep hold of that as a part of my identity, especially whilst other things are a bit off-kilter! I just need not to be working to any deadlines, trying to make plans I don’t know I can keep or worrying about maintaining great customer service.

Hopefully I’ll still be able to keep tinkering intermittantly with painting projects just as a hobby, and I’ll keep sharing them here and through my social media channels… Next project: spray painting me an awesome walking stick! 

So just in case it’s a while until I am properly back, can I just say a huge big thank you to my clients over the last ten years, and to everyone who has supported my work! x 

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To end on a properly cheery note, I’m hugely grateful to Carol Beck for recording clips of me on the Sky Arts channel Landscape Artist of the Year competition, which aired a couple of weeks ago (I didn’t post it up at the time, as I was in hospital).

It was recorded at Wray Castle in the Lake District back in May. I was one of the Wild Card artists, vying for a ‘spare spot’ in the next round. You might recognise me in the red blouse goofing around talking to Frank Skinner.

It was a brilliant day – albeit very long, following a very early start (and a breakfast-time ride across Lake Windermere by boat!). I managed to stay standing to the end of filming, go me! It was great to meet and chat to lots of different artists from all around the UK, and see all their diverse work – and to have my spray paint / mixed media techniques featured.

Thanks once again Carol for your eagle-eyed spotting and capturing my brief appearance – I’m so grateful!

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  1. I’m sorry you’ve had to do this, but removing pressure sounds like sense. I would be glad to do some admin and despatching for you if you wanted to send me a bulk supply of your most popular works.
    And I loved your landscape (a much cooler tele appearance than mine on Songs of Praise). Can we see the finished piece?
    You redefine awesome.

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