toI kind of cringe a little bit when I hear or see the term ‘wall art’… It’s a kind of confused term usually used by people when they don’t quite know what to describe something as. Usually something decorative that goes on a wall – painting? print? wall-based sculpture? wall stickers? Might be mass-produced, vintage, antique, artisan-made, artist-made? The cringe isn’t really a snobbish thing – hey we all like pretty things that go on walls – it’s more I feel bad that we collectively lack the (agreed) terminology sometimes…¬†Or maybe don’t want to think too deeply into it – which maybe devalues what someone has ‘put into’ something, or the history behind it… What do you think?

I guess this literally is ‘wall art’ though. A while back we agreed to decorate my two tween daughters bedroom (it hadn’t really had a spruce-up since by son’s toddler days). After agreeing some colours with them, I took to attacking one of the walls (as a feature wall) with spray paints in a kind of oversimplified version of one of the ways work with spray paints when working on landscape or abstract paintings, spraying colour through vintage textiles to create layered patterns and texture.

It took a few days to complete (of course, when working with aerosols up ladders safety dictates regular breaks (your mask gets sticky and heavy on your face anyway) and long periods of ventilating the room thoroughly between sessions) but I’m really pleased with the results.

Unfortunately my (then) 8 year old’s (almost) first reaction was ‘OK, can we paint it black now?’ – kids eh?


I also decorated a little wood vintage coffee table for them…