Amethyst iPhone Macro Lens Photo || Nicki MacRae Art BLOG

Mobile Macro Images

Amethyst iPhone Macro Lens Photo || Nicki MacRae Art BLOG

I took these macro photos at the National Museum of Scotland a few weeks ago… on my mobile phone! I shared them on Instagram, but forgot to share them here. Amazingly they were taken with a cheap piece of kit from Amazon (since discovering it’s usefulness¬† and the quality of images it can help produce, […]

Koh Samui Beach

Taken on the beach on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand at around sunset.

Feather Macro 2

Highlighting the symmetry of the structure of a feather using macro photography.


Sunlight captured in a feather illustrating it’s symmetry and fine texture (2010). Taken with a ¬†macro lens in natural (bright) sunlight.


Using a macro lens, the surface of a flower bud becomes an abstract textured landscape (2010).

Leaf Macro 2

A macro study of leaves with water droplets rendered vivid by strong natural lighting (2010).

Leaf Macro 1

Looking into the magnified world of unfurling leaves, taken with a macro lens in natural light (2010).

Painting Macro

Depth of Field shot with distorted perspective across the surface of of a highly textural abstract painting in the studio.