Grease Nipples

Taken in the engine shed at Geevor Tin Mine in Cornwall.

Chalk 2

Photograph taken in the old workshops at Geevor Tin Mine Museum in October 2014.


Taken at Geevor Tin Mine Museum, Cornwall, in October 2014.

Chalk Numbers

Found on an old door in one of the workshops at Taken at Geevor Tin Mine.

A Feather Trapped on Wire

Something I spotted that made me smile at Geevor Tin Mine in Cornwall. I like the contrast of the soft and hard.

Mine Reflection

Taken at in October 2014 at Geevor Tin Mine Museum, Cornwall.

Blue Door

Taken at Geevor Tin Mine, Cornwall in October 2014.

Goggle Box

Taken in the stores and workshops at Geevor Tin Mine Museum in October 2014.