Callanish Detail, February 2012

18 x 24″ (46 × 61 × 4 cm) Orignal painting – acrylic on box frame canvas, with the sides painted white.  This painting was begun in the old farmhouse beside the Callanish stones (Isle of Lewis, Scotland) and completed back in my studio. I spent a week in February 2012 studying the astone circles […]

Winter Skies and Ruin, by Callanish

20 x 24″ (50 × 60 × 4 cm) Original – Mixed Media on Canvas. An original canvas called Winter Skies and Ruin, by Callanish. This crumbling house was on the skyline distant from the Callanish stones (Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland), beside which I stayed for a week in February 2012. I vowed […]


Callanish - Nicki MacRae Art

24 x 20″ (50 x 60 cm) Original Acrylic On Canvas. From sketches and photos made at Callanish Stone Circle, Isle of Lewis, Scotland during a wet and windy week in February 2012. The Isle of Lewis has it’s own special colours – especially during the late afternoon in the Scottish Winter, when the landscape […]