Art Deco Dressing Table

I’ve been looking for a vintage dressing table for ages. Last week at Gary Paterson Sales (thanks to Jacqueline for all her help) I struck lucky and found this gorgeous Art Deco dressing table! It has a beautiful sculpted shape with rounded cupboards and sliding tambour doors which house tiny cubby holes for trinkets. The mirror is […]

Brooch Display Board

I have a confession to make… I have a bit of an obsession with brooches. It started all innocently: ‘this coat could do with jazzing up’, little gifts from friends – now I can’t walk past a charity shop or art gallery without coming away with some addition to the collection. I realised I needed […]

Wall Art

toI kind of cringe a little bit when I hear or see the term ‘wall art’… It’s a kind of confused term usually used by people when they don’t quite know what to describe something as. Usually something decorative that goes on a wall – painting? print? wall-based sculpture? wall stickers? Might be mass-produced, vintage, […]