I am a Visual Artist living in Easter-Ross, Highlands of Scotland. I work across a wide range of traditional- and digital media.

My work involves layering – concealing and revealing, enhancing and building, destroying and selectively supplementing. A balance of controlled processes, and others that are actively left to chance. It always takes joy in texture, reparative mark making, and expressive line-work.

My current digital abstract work has been directly born from necessity arising from recent disability. Several years ago, I developed a number of rare neurological conditions, including a brain condition which puts limits on the amount of time my body is able to remain in an upright position. Taking my creative methodologies into a digital format has allowed me to continue working and exploring ideas during the frequent intervals in which I am confined to bed (and precluded from being in my studio, working in more traditional ways). Sharing this work via Instagram has allowed me to remain connected to the wider art community.

When working digitally, I create abstract compositions by creating many layers of intense marks and colour, into which areas are selectively erased revealing detail below. The layers merge and mingle with each other, creating a complex mesh. I also often include photographic digital collage material, including patterns collected from my environment or found objects (such as the patterns found on sea pottery that I collect on walks).

I take an instinctive approach when working with traditional media, using a wide range of paints, ink, collage materials, textiles, spray paints and found objects. I enjoy experimentation, and the greatest joy for me is in the great endless possibility of  inspiration and materials.

I have several key areas of interest – a love of the nature and Scottish Highland landscape, and key themes of heritage and archaeology. I enjoy notions of the passing of time, decay and weathering. In 2012 I exhibited a major body of work –‘Ruin’ – focused specifically on exploring these ideas, and in 2013 I spent time as Artist in Residence at the Ness of Brodgar archaeological excavations, Orkney, furthering my work in this area and inspiring my current ‘archeological’ strata / layering working process.

I have work in private collections across the UK, Europe and in the USA, New Zealand and Canada.

I am a Member of the National Association of Acrylic Painters (NAPA).

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