Dots No14

'Dots No14' painting by Nicki MacRae

Dots is a vibrant and varied series of abstract paintings exploring the relationship between transparency and opacity, and plays with the idea of ‘spy holes’. It plays with colour, simulated and physical texture and makes intensive use of spray paints and stencilling. It’s roots are in my love of collecting ‘many alike’ objects into complex arrangements. […]

Red-and-Blue / Blue-and-Red

I love these colours together! They are bold and bolshy, but they thoroughly excite me… so much so I have created a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them. If you follow my work then you’ll recognise them finding their way into many projects (most recently the abstract piece ‘A Ballad of Red and Blue’, below). Follow me on Pinterest for more […]

Grease Nipples

Taken in the engine shed at Geevor Tin Mine in Cornwall.

Goggle Box

Taken in the stores and workshops at Geevor Tin Mine Museum in October 2014.

Ring of Brodgar, Wild Bright Weather

20 x 24″ (51 x 61 x 4cm) Mixed media on canvas. This painting came from work I did on a Winter trip to Orkney. I love the light and the skies in Orkney, and this tries to capture the moment when cloud cover and drizzle clear for a fleeting moment to illuminate the landscape […]

Soft and Hard

16 x 16″ (40 × 40 × 4 cm) Original Artworks – Acrylic on Canvas Soft and Hard was inspired by a mini collage I made of items found around the studio – a ripped up rough colour sketch, painted fabric, bubble wrap I had been printing with… I took the elements into this larger […]

Floral Note

20 x 20″ (50 x 50 x 4cm) Original painting – Acrylic on canvas. My favourite shade, a pure indulgence to paint. Inspired by the summer blooming of my garden. On a chunky edge box canvas, with all sides painted a textured red to co-ordinate. SOLD

Painting Macro

Depth of Field shot with distorted perspective across the surface of of a highly textural abstract painting in the studio.


Styalised and dramatic macro photograph of a cut fig on a red background (2009).