Gallery : Household

Nicki MacRae Art - Household

Mixed media works coming from inspiration as complex as their visual richness, inspired by a love of charity shops and jumble sales, vintage fashion and homewares, social history, historical interiors, street art, ageing, wear and decay and early and mid-20th century artists.

I enjoy the fact that I’m an artist with a spray can – and yet, rather than being on the street, I’m in my little studio in my domestic environment, country rather than urban. I’m more likely to paste old sewing patterns into my work than use paste ups. Rather than the work being concerned with big world issues, individual indentity or notions or ‘sexiness’, or making big statements on grand scales, it is about small, personal notions and devotions. The private rather than the public. I also love domestic objects and the choices we make, in an age of consumer choice, about what to curate into or out of our lives.