“I honestly don’t think I would be able to find another artist so in tune with her clients and so committed to achieving what the client wants”
– Angie, Hampshire, UK
“When the finished article reached me, in plenty of time for my gift deadline I almost cried with delight. It totally captured her and the Cornish landscape I love so much perfectly. My husband was bowled over by it and it now hangs in pride of place where it can be admired by all. Nicki is an absolute joy to work with, caring, friendly, honest and professional. She is an amazing artist and a truly lovely lady and I am looking forward to working with her again with another commission I have in mind for the future”
– Lynda, Hampshire, UK
“I have just received the print through the post. I have been admiring it now for coming up to year and just never got round to purchasing it. I am so, so pleased that I finally have this beautiful print in my hands. The colours are simply beautiful, warm yet bright and welcoming and just make me step back and admire it all over again! At last I have some beautiful art. Thank you Nicki!”
– ‘Donna, Manchester, UK
“I gave an orginal Nicki MacRae to my brother and sister-in-law for their wedding present. A landscape of the location where they married. It is absolutely stunning, a real work of art and I know that they will treasure it”
– Caroline, Southhampton, UK