My aim for 2018 is to get back to the process… To drive down deeper into the practice, pick apart the conscious actions in order to loose myself more in the subconscious actions.

“Do it for the process”

The first exercise I set myself was to work at mark making, with the aim of loosening up and becoming more fluid. Quick works with a brush and ink – a combination which I know encourages me towards looseness. After running out of black ink (!) I stepped back and reviewed what I had made, and selected the pieces that, without too much complex thought, felt most pleasing.

My first thought was that this was something I should certainly be doing much more often…

Lost it, trying to find it… #markmaking #studiopractice #ink #movement #artistatwork #doitfortheprocess

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#markmaking #artpractice #ink #artstudio #artistatwork

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