I am a huge advocate for self-employment and entrepreneurship, I am! But I won’t lie and say it’s not hard work…

Yesterday I needed a treat. Sometimes you just need a treat. Something to say ‘hey, well done’ when you have no boss to do that for you. So I popped out on a treat finding mission with my good friend Carrie Afrin of Carrie’s Voice.

Beautiful words ion the walls at the Coast Candle Company.

Chocolate is nice, but honestly my body doesn’t need any more chocolate! So my new way of treating myself for a project completed or general all round stirling effort is to buy myself a candle.

Also a candle is a gorgeous addition to to the studio – I love to sit down, lay out my brushes or open the laptop, light a candle, and know that the working day has started in the nicest possible way.

Sadly, I find candles can be a disappointment. So often in the shop they smell amazing and offer so much, entice with slick packaging, reassure you with high-pricing, but on lighting at home the scent is puny or they burn inefficiently – and you feel a little let down…

At last though I’ve found my candle holy grail! And only in the next town up the coast…

Coast Candle Company occupies a beautiful Victorian building on the Square in Dornoch (Sutherland, Highlands of Scotland), it’s corner position offers duel-aspect windows and lends massive light to it’s bright main sales area. The shop oozes interiors magazine charm, and the colour palette of stylish black, crisp white and natural woods immediately puts you in mind of a spa sanctuary or devilishly good restaurant – somewhere to nurture your desires and seduce your senses.

Business partners Janis and Claire have a sharp eye for detail, and an innate sense of style. They clearly make a formidable team! From packaging to display, website photography to the wee stories created around each scent, they craft a coherent and intoxicating brand which showcases the best of Highland life and coastal living.

imageAll their scents are available to smell and ponder over in the store…

Yesterday I chose ‘Draft Away’ to take home with me:

[wc_box color=”secondary” text_align=”left”]

~ : Drift Away : ~

Relaxed, contented, light of heart, uplifted, jubilant – just some of the lovely emotions triggered by our Spa Candle – Drift Away. Lemony citrus fresh, a tonic for the body and soul. Feel it working before you even strike the match.

Fragrance of Lemongrass, Patchouli and Grapefruit – helping you see the world with fresh eyes, warmth and enthusiasm.


The candle I’ve been burning in the studio recently is ‘Golden Autumn Coast’

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~ : Golden Autumn Coast : ~

Memories of Conker collecting, looking to the sky, falling leaves, orange, red, green, gold. Wild berries, mum with her pickling pan. Running through a sea of autumn leaves. Shorter days, longer nights. Change is in the air.

The fragrance of Frankincense, Clove, Amber and Pink Pepper – an infusion of spice bubbling under your nose.


imageThe beauty of these candles is not only the deep and dynamic fragrances – which have evidently been crafted from top-quality ingredients, they have a richness that can’t be obtained using cheap materials – but also the quality of the burn. I’ve so far only purchased the 1-wick / 40 hour glass container candles, but these are a dream. The bamboo wick makes for an even burn right to the bottom of the container with no waste!

As you’ll notice, the fragrances Janis and Claire are highly focused around memory – this is a huge thing for  them, the link between what you smell and what you feel, and fuels heir creative process. And all the wee stories conceived around each candle scent take you on a mental-visual journey which compliments what you are smelling.

I am really hoping these talented ladies will be considering moving into wearable fragrance too in the near future – but in the mean time I’ll keep buying and loving their candles!

You don’t have to live in he Highlands to be able to delight your senses, you can order online through their gorgeous website – www.coastcandleco.com