Nicki MacRae's Art Studio in the January Snow

Studio in the Snow

Nicki MacRae's Art Studio in the January Snow

The usual snows have fallen in January. It’s been a good test for the studio, and specifically the thermal qualities of the structure and the load of snow on the roof. I’m pleased to say nothing has sagged or leaked, and after a blast with the heaters, the space warms up nicely (and retains heat […]

New Art Studio in Progress - Nicki MacRae Art

Building a new Art Studio

New Art Studio in Progress - Nicki MacRae Art

Whilst I’m currently taking a health-related break from making art commercially, I’ve been creative in another way with an exciting project – designing a new art studio space, which my talented, handy-with-a-saw husband has been patiently building for me in our garden. My old studio was tucked into the eves of our home. A cramped, […]

Amazing Things I Found on Ebay…

When you’re feeling a bit poorly there’s nothing like a mega-trawl of Ebay looking for all weird and wonderful things for sale… Here’s today’s round-up of the crazy, beautiful and unexpected!   These props from the 1997 film, ‘The Borrowers’ Those who’ve seen the film (or remember the story) will know it centres around tiny-sized […]

Reverse Advent Calendar

A couple of days ago I saw a great idea doing the rounds on Facebook… a Reverse Advent Calendar. Unlike a normal advent calendar, which is all about receiving a small treat every day until Christmas Day, a Reverse Advent Calendar is about giving a small item every day until you have a box of […]

Highland Hospice Charirty Shop, Dornoch

I am a charity shop lover! I love a rummage, I love a bargain, I love finding something unique and special that I couldn’t buy elsewhere. My mum taught me the art of charity shopping when I was a kid. I had all sorts of treasures from charity shops… like a set of tiny 1950’s […]

Art Deco Dressing Table

I’ve been looking for a vintage dressing table for ages. Last week at Gary Paterson Sales (thanks to Jacqueline for all her help) I struck lucky and found this gorgeous Art Deco dressing table! It has a beautiful sculpted shape with rounded cupboards and sliding tambour doors which house tiny cubby holes for trinkets. The mirror is […]

Vintage Glamour on Tour: Coventry Knight 49 Classic Caravan

I spotted some Facebook friends cooing over this amazing caravan and just had to share! What an amazing space! The owner of this Coventry Knight 49 (the year it was made) classic caravan has listed it on Ebay with starting bid of £8,000. It has a drinks cabinet, writing desk, his and hers wardrobe as well as […]

Brooch Display Board

I have a confession to make… I have a bit of an obsession with brooches. It started all innocently: ‘this coat could do with jazzing up’, little gifts from friends – now I can’t walk past a charity shop or art gallery without coming away with some addition to the collection. I realised I needed […]

Coast Candle Company

I am a huge advocate for self-employment and entrepreneurship, I am! But I won’t lie and say it’s not hard work… Yesterday I needed a treat. Sometimes you just need a treat. Something to say ‘hey, well done’ when you have no boss to do that for you. So I popped out on a treat […]

Red-and-Blue / Blue-and-Red

I love these colours together! They are bold and bolshy, but they thoroughly excite me… so much so I have created a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them. If you follow my work then you’ll recognise them finding their way into many projects (most recently the abstract piece ‘A Ballad of Red and Blue’, below). Follow me on Pinterest for more […]