Mixed media on canvas,
40 x 28″ (100 x 70 x 3 cm)

I worked on this from photos and memory of a visit to this temple in the Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia a couple of years ago (as part of a half-year of travelling adventure with my husband and children).

The ruinous remains date from the mid-12th to early 13th centuries, and are crumbling due to the poor quality sandstone used to construct them. As we explored, we stumbled across the most beautiful chamber containing a modern Buddha statue, still used for worship.

Through this work I wanted to convey something of the feeling of the decaying architecture, the mixed / contrasting lighting, gleaming metals, incense and smoke, intricate decoration and the awe, drama and peace I felt in that space.

The painting was constructed of very many layers (some very translucent, some punctuated and incomplete, some opaque, some sprayed, stencilled, applied in thin glazes, applied with silicon tools, brushes, knives, cloths and fingers). Many of the layers are fairly imperceptible, yet absolutely essential (there are no other ways to create this level of depth, no tricks, just time and graft).

The painting has been created on a deep-edged, box frame canvas with staples and fixings neatly hidden on the back. The whole piece has been given multiple coatings of durable, non-yellowing, professional-quality protective matt varnish in order to unify the surfaces textures and colours and protect the painting for many years to come. The painting continues onto all sides, and the canvas is strung and ready to hang. It is signed on the rear and will be despatched with a certificate of authenticity.






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